Every girl has to deal with unwanted advances, but when those advances mean having to look at your dick without warning, the ladies will come for you. These are the best burns in response to dirty dick pics!

Check out the gallery below.

1. Sometimes You Have To Send These Sassy Faces To Those Who Send You Unsolicited Dick Pics


2. Having To Google Pictures Of Diseased Vaginas Seems Like Just More Punishment To Put Yourself Through After You Already Had To Look At A Dick You Didn’t Want To See… So This Suggestion Doesn’t Come Recommended.. But Nicely Done, Girl!


3. Oh Buuuuurn, This Is Definitely Warranted When You Get Sent Offensive Sexual Stuff!051cc576295c8cb08460d963231d41648615b9

4. This One Is A Little Lame But Hey, It Does The Job


5. Hit Him Back With A Little Unsolicited Dick Pic Action Of Your Own… Why Not, Right? Stop Sending Us Dick Pics, Losers


6. Why? Why Are You Putting Women Through The Torture Of Having To Look At That?


7. Yeah Get Creepy On ‘Em!


8. This Is Certainly One Way To Tear Him Down


9. Buy Me Things For Having To Look At Your Dick, Thanks!053bf487d2eeafa4137ab3b895c64296de382f

10. Okay Now THIS Might Be Effective In Making A Point!


11. Make ‘Em Regret It!053bf4796bbddcf8d6ba80fb70b1d615665ac4

12. Because He Clearly Needs Them


13. Aww, Look How Adorable This Little Dick Is!0530d51c7ef79bc8c7a60318706d4a27dbf7c4

14. …And More Effective0539d3d680d9dc25767b6a2c49ed9d5c2bde12

15. Get It? Because It’s Tiny.05298a3e8397953518890e0e740c14860b897d

16. Vomit Worthy05355c469273388de516d03e4b548c1d1c26c3

17. This Seems Like A Lot Of Work, But It’s One Way To Do It052863b5629048a2edbf2017466bcad5921eb5

18. This One Is Pretty Great0538938c01811734fdb5effd535a29754396ba

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