What’s it like to choose stripper as your career choice? A lot of people believe strippers are broken women with serious issues, but in most cases that can’t be further from the truth. Sure, there are some drug addicts and women with daddy issues, but if you’re not frequenting the real seedy joints then you’re probably going to see more women that have it together and make a good living on stage.

It’s the same thing on the opposite side. All men that frequent gentleman’s clubs regularly aren’t creeps. Maybe they don’t have many friends and like to talk to women, strippers are great for that. Maybe they like the atmosphere, who doesn’t like looking at beautiful women? Or maybe you’re right and he’s just a creep. If they are there for the conversation, most times they aren’t going to get the real. We want to bring you that, so we found some very honest statements from strippers that let you know exactly what it’s like in the club from their perspective!






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