Set to hit shelves in November of 2016, “World of Wakanda” promises to bring a whole new level of acceptance and diversity to the comic book scene. Black Panther was already a success but this series will delve into newer realms, rarely explored in the comic book world. Character Ayo and Aneka are not only identified as two fiercely fantastic black women. The two are associated with Dor Milaje, a team put in place to fight for and protect the well-being and peace of the Black Panther as well as the surrounding land. They represent the varying tribes in the country with honor and grace.These two powerful females also happen to be a couple.

Yes, this new spin on the classic comic will not only evolve around strong, feminine energy, but there will also be representation for same-sex love. Think how progressive this is! It is no doubt, a very exciting time for the whimsical world of artistic novels that people from all walks will be looking forward to!

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