When Donald Trump came out and said “Let’s Make America Great Again,” a lot of people cheered. But some people scratched their heads. If you think back throughout America’s history, you can definitely see different stories.

Each of those stories are from a different perspective. You can see America growing and trying to advance in every aspect possible. Inventions leading to inventions and progress leading to progress, people enjoyed great lives when they started investing into all the great things America had to offer.

But other people don’t see it quite as great. While the advancements were taking place throughout America, there were Americans who were struggling. They fought to be considered equals. They fought to sit at the front of the bus and they fought to eat in restaurants that were turning them away.

Depending on who you ask, it’s a different story for everyone, with equally different answers.

T.I. Has His Opinion About That

But, Michelle Obama Said…

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