We all know someone who’s more ratchet than we’re comfortable with… and these people really take the cake on the most outrageous members of Club Ratchet! Would you show up to the club wearing any of these outfits?

Check out the gallery below to see how crazy these ladies get!

1. In This Day And Age This Sort Of Wardrobe Malfunction Is Inexcusable And Totally Gross! LOL Can You Even Believe This Happened??


2. When You’re This Pregnant You Don’t Need To Be At The Club! Someone Please Tell This Woman She’s Being Ridiculous… Get Your Ass Home And Take Care Of Yourself, Lady!


3. Did You Maybe Forget To Put Your Actual Dress On Before You Left The House, Woman? This Isn’t A Bikini Contest, It’s A Club! Get Yourself Together


4. There’s No Reason That The Design Of Your Shirt Needs To Be So Sheer And Cut Up Over Your Breasts… That Isn’t Style, It’s Homelessness And You Women Need To Get A Grip


5. These Big Booties Are Way More On Fleek Than Necessary… Put That Junk Back In A Trunk!


6. You Children Need To Go Home And Finish Your Homework! What Are These Kids Even Doing Out Without Parental Advisory? They’re Definitely Not Of Age To Be Out Alone


7. Well Then… These Ladies Are Really Out Gettin’ It Down At Club Ratchet! It’s Supposed To Be A Bar Scene Not A Bikini Contest…


8. These Ladies Are Taking It To The Next Level With These Stripper Slits And Thongs At Club Ratchet… The Tattoos On The Ass Cheeks Are A Dead Giveaway That These Ladies Are Hella Ratchet


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