There are some major differences when it comes to fist fights pertaining to men and women. When two men fight, normally, it’s straight fisticuffs. Maybe a kick gets thrown here and there, but that’s very seldom. Men tend to have more experience in hand-to-hand combat so it’s not surprising that their skills are more refined.

When two women forge battle, you never know what’s going to happen. They use everything at their disposal. Hands, feet, nails, and hair pulling areĀ all on the table. While they may not be as experienced as men, they more than make up for it in brutality. Nothing is sacred when two women are going at it, and just like a mama grizzly, when they tangle up, somebody is getting hurt. However, there is one set of body parts you never expect to get used in a scrap…


Sofia Vergara And Her Weapons!



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