The kind of people you can find at Walmart is astonishing. Every age, every race, and every tax bracket is bound to show up for something they need. When Sam Walton founded this company, this must be what he envisioned. Why else would you sell everything from electronics to groceries at suck a reasonable value? What he didn’t envision is what people would wear and how they would act!

“The People Of Walmart” has been a long running joke across the internet for years. Pictures are always popping up of people dressed in the most ridiculous attire, and people can’t seem to get enough of it. Can you blame them? Where else are you going to find people this inappropriate consistently?

They Should Probably Save This For The House!


When you mix this many different people together on an every day basis, it’s going to hit the fan occasionally. Most civil people can handle themselves without throwing down in public, but you aren’t only going to find civil people in Walmart. Can you see where we’re about to go with this next video? Check out this compilation of the best fights filmed in Walmarts across our wonderful country!

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