There are all kinds of ways to die, but these are the most shocking that come in the dozens per year…. check out the gallery below to learn the most shocking ways people have passed!

1. Did You Know Viagra Is a Surprising Cause Of Death In This Country? The Pill Killed Nearly 550 People The First Year It Came Out. It Was Also Reaponsible For Dozens Of Heart Attacks! While This May Be A Miracle Pill For Many, It Comes At A Steep Price To Pay


2.  Balloons Take A Surprising Amount Of Responsibility For Death Count Numbers! They Are Easily Choked On When Popped. 1212 Kids Died From Balloons From 1973 To 1988 But Only 12 Kids Have Died From 2010 To 2012

3. Most People Also Don’t Expect Everyday Household Chore Mechanics To Be Anywhere As Deadly As The Facts Show…. they’re Responsible For Nearly 90 Deaths Per Year! Be Super Careful When Operating Machinery!

4. The Strings In Window Blinds Are Also A Major Source Of Surprise Deaths, But How Can You Be Shocked When You Realize How Easily It Is For Kid To Get Caught In These!


5. Did You Know 13 Deaths A Year Are Attributed To HOTDOGS?


6. Infidelity Is Also An Obvious Cause Of Deaths… Jealousy Is A Powerful Emotion That Can Bring On God Knows What When The Worst Is Brought Out In People


7. Bounce Houses Account For More Deaths Than People Realize… There Were A Shocking 113,000 Injuries And 12 Deaths Between 2003 And 2013


8. Nobody Would’ve Ever Guessed That Playgrounds Claimed The Lives Of 147 Kids And Adults For Over 10 Years


9. Who Would’ve Guessed That Salt Would Be Such A Huge Source Of Deaths?? Only A Few Teaspoons Could Poison A Child And Dozens Of Deaths Are Reported From Ovedoses Mostly Via Saline


10. There Are Stairs That Are Responsible For 12,000 Annual Deaths… So Don’t Take Them Unless You Really Have To


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