Anger does funny things to people. It makes them act completely out of character and put themselves into harms way. Have you ever been with someone, or even seen somebody you didn’t know, and watch them completely lose their mind because of road rage? It’s barely explainable.

When people start drinking it tends to turn up the anger volume as well. Alcohol can make the kindest person turn into a raging monster, and then they start arguing and fighting with their best friends. Next time you find yourself starting to boil inside step back, take a couple of deep breaths, and reassess your situation. That’s something one of the women in this video shouldn’t heard.


Watching two women fight isn’t something you see every day. They’re supposed to be the more gentle sex. The two women below don’t care about that. One woman tries to sneak up on the other one and take her down, but it isn’t happening. Instead, she takes a beat down like no other. Check it out for yourself!

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