Every professional fighter has a trainer, most have a team. Their trainer sets up the training regimen, draws up the game plan, and gets the fighter ready for their next opponent. It’s a lot easier for somebody other than the fighter to figure out the little things they need to do, and during the fight they can see things from the outside to keep their fighter on point. While it may be mano y mano, a professional fight is a true team effort.

Most hookers have a pimp. He holds their money, offers them protection, keeps them in line, and shows them love in a harsh world. Often on the track, prostitutes are going to run into some problems that they need their pimp for. They also have beef with other girls that are working their strip. In those moments the pimps turn into their fight trainers… At least in the video below.

These two girls are going at it. One of them had the size, one of them had the speed, and one of them has some experience fighting. In this instance, it looks like speed and experience are dominating against size, but this fight goes on forever with the pimps coaching the girls on. Absolutely ridiculous, check it out!

Warning NSFW due to wardrobe malfunctions!

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