These celebs are working overtime to support the causes that mean the most to them. Which celeb do you admire most for their work?

Check out the gallery below!

1. Lena Dunham Is Debatably The Wokest Female Celeb In Hollywood.. She Puts In The Time To Speak At Events, Write Her Infamous Lenny Letter And Made Contributions Through Her Show Girls


2. Angelina Jolie Has Worked Closely With The United Nations To Promote Women’s Rights And Education


3. Rose McGowan Stirred Up Some Controversy When She Slammed Adam Sandler For His Derogatory Notes… Sticking Up For Women Everywhere


4. Amandla Stenberg Has Stood Up For Women And Black Cuture In Hollywood Many Times. The Most Notable Was When She Took A Stand Against Cultural Appropriation When Kylie Jenner Was Caught Crossing The Line


5. Solange Is Infamous For Being Woke… She’s Walked In Louisiana Against Police Brutality When Alton Sterling Was Shot


6. Ava DuVernay Has Voiced Her Support Of Black Lives Matter Many Times… If Only Other Celebs Were This Vocal About Issues That Mattered!


7. Emma Watson Has Really Taken Important Issues Seriously. She’s Taken Time Off To Promote Her Feminist Organization HeForShe


8. Spike Lee Is Of Course The Most OG Woke Celeb… He’s Been Speaking Out On Issues Like Racism And Urban Crime


9. John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Are Incredibly Woke Together… They Constantly Stand Their Ground On Their Feelings For This Presidential Election


10. Jessie Williams Has Spoken Out On Behalf Of Black Lives Matter And Even Won A BET Award For His Hard Work!


11. Chloe Grace Moretz Has Been Working Hard For Hilary Clinton To Promote Her And Get Her Generation To VOTE!


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