When it comes to the National Football League, one thing is for certain. Each team has some die-hard fans. That’s no different from the NBA, MLB, or even overseas with the different soccer leagues, but when you add in copious amounts of alcohol with the violence of the game… Things get turned up to the max!

Most of the time things end OK. Sure, the losing teams fans aren’t in the greatest of moods after the loss, but they normally go home and sleep off a rough week. Then there are the other times, like after the Week 5 battle between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chicago Bears.

The Jags hadn’t won an October road game in six years, that changed in Chi-Town, and this Bears fan wasn’t too thrilled about it. As he continued to shout insults at the visiting team’s fans on the way out, things got heavy. The Jags fan had enough and asked if he wanted to throw hands… Bears fan wasted no time in dropping the first guy with a right, but the Jags fan had friends. Check it out for yourself!

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