It seems like every single team in the National Football League has crazy fans. If you take a trip to Oakland to watch the Raiders you’re going to have to deal with the hooligans in “The Black Hole.” If you go to a Cleveland Browns game you have “The Dawg Pound.” The Seattle Seahawks have “The Twelfth Man,” and the list goes on and on. As crazy as Raider fans are, they may not have anything on the debauchery of the Buffalo Bills.

Every week another depraved story comes out of Buffalo. Whether it’s people having sex outside and getting caught on camera or guys chugging beer out of a woman’s butt crack, Bills fans take tailgating and their football games to an entirely different level. This week it was no different, it just happened inside of the stadium… Actually, on the field.

Never Forget

When fans walk into a stadium they get checked¬†with a metal detector and have their pockets and bags searched. How somebody was able to sneak a dildo in is anyone’s guess, but it happened… and it ended up on the field. The refs reaction is the best part!

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