Snoop Dogg can do no wrong in the world of entertainment. He’s one of the greatest rappers to ever live, he’s acted in Academy Award winning films, and he’s quickly become our favorite animal documentary narrators.

Snoop first started out his narration on Jimmy Kimmel Live on a segment they called “Plizzanet Earth,” which was a clever parody on the popular BBC show “Planet Earth.” Once one of those videos hit the Internet and went viral, it was only a matter of time before public demand allowed the Doggfather to create more hilarious videos… This is where YouTube came into play.

You Have To Watch This Show!


On Snoop’s popular YouTube Channel, Merry Jane, he’s been dropping content non stop. From tour footage to one on one interviews, Snoop does it all, but “Planet Snoop” may be his funniest. In the video below he breaks down a video of a billy goat getting aggressive in a residential neighborhood. Time to get gangsta with Snoop Dogg and Billy The Goat!

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