Halloween is fast approaching, so the likelihood of you running into something incredibly creepy is rising by the day. That’s just in your neighborhood, and since people tend to get festive this time of the year, it’s to be expected. People doing everything they can just to scare the life out of their neighbors… It’s what October 31st is all about!

Regardless of the season, there is nothing creepier than driving on dark roads in the middle of the night. We already have countless horror films based on this scenario, and the lack of light can have your imagination running wild. It’s a perfect recipe for anxiety of the highest nature.

“Did I really just see what I think I saw?” That may be a question you find yourself asking in your head if you find yourself on one of these dark roads, but what do you do when the answer is yes? Hopefully you decide to snap a picture like the people who provided the pictures below. These photos may have you thinking twice about traveling at night!


It Just Had To Be A Clown…




Is That A Child Or A Ghost?



The Circus Is That Way…



Look To Your Left…



No… More… Swine!


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