There comes a time in everyone’s life when they must make a decision to stand up for good and vanquish evil. Sometimes that means putting yourself in the line of danger. If they don’t, bad things will continue to happen. Peter Parker found himself in one of those situations, chose not to do anything, and his uncle ended up dying because he didn’t stop the bad guy when he had the chance. Sure, that’s a Spider-Man story, but these are facts, people!


One elderly man found himself in one of these situations while he and his wife were shopping at the mall. They were walking, minding their own business when he saw a man running towards him. That man had just robber a jewelry store. What was he supposed to do? On one hand you’d say, that store has insurance to cover their loss, and its highly unlikely he makes it out of this mall before security catches him. There’s also cameras everywhere, he’ll get caught. On the other hand, why not pull a move straight out of the Karate Kid and sweep the mans leg like Johnny? Well, maybe because you’re 90-years-old and have brittle bones.


The man chose to be the hero, stops the robber in his tracks, and ends up on the ground with serious injuries… Hey, at least he stopped him though, right? Check it out below!

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