There are few things in life that are more annoying and uncomfortable than dealing with the TSA when you’re going through airport security. It’s not all of them, but some take their job way too far. To be fair, it’s a serious job. You can’t have someone get through security and cause the next major tragedy on your watch, but they don’t have to ruin everyone’s day in the process.

By the looks of the video below, it seems that airport security bumped into the wrong guy on this day. He didn’t appreciate the way they chose to do their jobs, and he went absolutely nuts. It takes more than two people to stop him from going ballistic, and he drops a couple of them in the process. It does make you think though… If they’re having this much trouble calming down or stopping on man from doing this, what is going to happen if somebody really wants to cause problems in their airport.

Nothing Fun About This


The TSA needs to do a better job with their hiring. We need pleasant people that are capable of stopping terrorists and lunatics alike. Check out the video below!

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