Gone are the days of people having to get up and leave their house to meet people. There are both pros and cons to technology, it’s your job to weight them out. With the Internet, everything is available at the click of a mouse…. Including potential dates.

Once social media evolved past the simple instant messaging services, it was bound to take over Internet dating services. You can go on somebody’s page, see the type of things they’re interested in, and see multiple pictures of them right on your screen. While many people have found love over the web, many other have found embarrassment. It’s the risk you take by sliding into the DM’s. This is especially true for celebrities.

When you’re a high profile athlete, the world is your oyster. You have riches beyond your wildest imagination, access to the most exclusive places around the world, and women who throw themselves at you regularly. Even with all that, they’re still subject to the same stupid moves everyone is on social media. Sliding into somebody’s DM’s without prior consent can go one of two ways… The way they hope, or the way it went for J.R. Smith.

Straight To The Point… And Then Screenshot!

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