When’s the last time you upgraded your phone? Not the frequent updates that Apple and Android do for the software, but actually went and got a new device. If it’s recent, odds are you’re not having the most pleasurable experience. Hopefully, if you went and dropped your hard earned cash a new Galaxy Note 7 it didn’t catch fire and burn your car to the ground. If you are one of the “lucky” people to get your hands on a new iPhone 7, you may notice a few differences.

Imagine Is This Note 7 Was In Your Pocket


People aren’t very happy about some new features, or lack thereof, on the new iPhone. Apple decided they were going to get rid of the headphone jack, and instead intend for everyone to use the lightning jack for everything. They’ll include a pair of wireless earbuds with the device, but everyone isn’t a fan of the Apple Earbuds. Everything with Apple is proprietary, so you know they’ll have plenty of after market items, but who wants to accessorize for a product that used to have everything. Are they making the iPhone 7 worse than theĀ earlier models?

The video on the next page breaks down the issues…

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