It’s good to see that there is still some respect for the people who choose to teach our young men and women. In a scene straight out of Dangerous Minds, anyone around in the mid 90’s should get that Michelle Pfeiffer reference, one student took matters into his own hands after he saw another student punch his female teacher.

The scene goes like this, two kids are already in the middle of a fight, and the teacher steps in to break things up. Instead of listening to the her,the two teenagers continue to throw blows. Any mother with two teenage boys will tell you that’s a bad idea, but the teacher learns the hard way by catching a stray shot.

After the teacher takes the punch she backs away, but another student steps in, one that obviously has a lot more punching power than the two kids fighting, and drops the offending student with one punch.

Watch for yourself in the video below…

The best part of the video, when the other student in the fight tries to capitalize on his downed opponent but is immediately thrown back by the kid who came to the teacher’s rescue. Looks like somebody isn’t going to have homework for a while.

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