By 2013, Marshall Mathers (AKA Eminem) had already raked in 14 American Music Awards, 15 Billboard Music Awards (he’s won two since), 13 Grammys (he added two more last year), and an Academy Award among countless other awards.

But three years ago, Slim Shady added another accolade to his long and impressive resume: Guinness World Record Holder.

Eminem entered the Guinness World Records as “World’s Fastest Rapper,” but it appears he will have to relinquish his crown.

23-year-old London rapper Ocean Wisdom (that’s his real name, folks!) may have since unseated Mr. Mathers, although the world is still awaiting confirmation from Guinness.

The song that may have given Wisdom the title of fastest rapper, “Walkin,” was actually released by the artist to YouTube two years ago with hopes of reaching a couple hundred views. To date, it’s been watched over two million times.

Has Ocean Wisdom ‘s “Walkin” Unseated Em’s “Rap God”?


If you watch the video to “Walkin” (below) you will undoubtedly be impressed at the speed in which Wisdom spits rhymes, but there’s actually some science behind it.

According to Guinness World Records:

“Rap God” by Eminem (USA) packs 1,560 words into a fast and furious 6 min 4 sec – that’s a tongue-twisting average of 4.28 words per second! In one 15-second segment alone, “Slim Shady” spits 97 words (6.46 words per second) at “supersonic speed”.

Excluding the 26-second intro (spoken by an unknown vocalist) and an indeterminate number of words rapped by Eminem in the intro’s background (likely to be 22, all included in the total of 1,560), “Slim Shady” actually raps 1,460 words in 5 min 38 sec (4.31 words per second) in the verses/choruses of the track.

Using Guinness’ own algorithm, Ocean Wisdom is poised to take the title from Eminem with “Walkin,” which boasts 932 words in 3 minutes and 47 seconds, translating to Wisdom delivers 4.45 words per second.

Let’s just see if Ocean Wisdom can match or even top a net worth of $243 million like his predecessor. Depending on who you ask, that might be even more impressive.

Check Out Slim Shady’s “Rap God” (NSFW: Strong Language):

Check Out Ocean Wisdom’s “Walkin” (NSFW: Strong Language):

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