Hip Hop, taking from the past and hopping it to the future. It’s definitely not what you think it is. If you go into the club and see people dancing to clean beats or cute songs that talk about puppy love and kitty litter, you know you are in the wrong place if you’re trying to hear the real deal.

Hip Hop has a real story to tell. It came from the way back and it’s the old school that defines old school. If you don’t know the names, you can get to know them now. And if you want to have anything at all to do with Hip Hop, it’s best to learn from the masters.

These documentaries are on Youtube and are available for you to watch for free. But, they aren’t you boring documentaries that make history seem like a dry bowl of oats your teacher is trying to shove down your throat. It is Hip Hop after all. You’ll get the knowledge you need wrapped up in the type of entertainment you can appreciate.

So, get ready to lock on your knowledge. Knowledge is power and don’t let no wannabes get through the gate without paying their dues.

Go Back To The Oldest School

Style’s Got Everything To Do With It

This Is What It’s About

Just Keeping It Real Tho

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