Jay-Z is one of, if not thee most successful rapper of all time. From the Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, New York to heights only few people have seen, calling him a rags-to-riches success story is an under statement. Apparently though, when you come from where he does and represent for an entire culture, growing up and becoming a great husband and father is something to be looked down on. It’s ridiculous and untrue, but if you let the people of Twitter tell it, that’s exactly what’s going on.

This Halloween Hov decided to dress up with his wife Beyoncé and their daughter Blue Ivy in a family costume. Who’s idea? Probably Bey or Blue, but regardless they dressed up as Barbie and Ken dolls. Harmless fun for the family, but because of Jay-Z’s history of crack dealing, hustling, and rapping he’s been getting roasted online. It comes with the territory of fame nowadays, but maybe one time people will grow up and see things for what they really are and salute a man being a integral part of his family.


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Some people get it!

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