Pixie Fox is a 26 year old model who is originally from Sweden, but now lives in North Carolina. She has an interesting mission though. She is trying to transform herself totally into a live cartoon.

She has spent $105,000+ on surgery. She has undergone 19 cosmetic surgeries. She has had six of her ribs removed just so she could get that perfect cartoon character hour glass waist. It’s a wonder her body doesn’t flop around because her breasts are so huge and it doesn’t look like there is any support in her back.

But, that’s a problem only she can deal with. Maybe the corsets are good for support. She might put a couple sticks in the sides and that keeps her from flopping over sideways while trying to talk to someone.

She’s going for the Holli Would look from Cool World. She’s just about got it and her latest cosmetic surgery is even more bizarre than the others.

But first, go through her work before her latest edition:

A Real Life Barbie

a real life barbie

A Mirror Selfie

a selfie in another mirror

A Selfie Study

a selfie study

A Bathroom Selfie

bathroom selfie

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