When people get into relationships they tend to get each other gifts. Some are big, some are small, but they’re always given to make your significant other feel special and make them happy.

When things progress to the next level the man will drop a pretty penny on an engagement ring, and proceed to ask his girlfriend to marry him. What happens when that engagement comes to a disappointing end? Does the man’s fiance have to give back the ring, or was it a gift that he gave her? Well, that doesn’t actually matter in this story because we’re not talking about an engagement ring, we’re talking about something much sillier that one girls ex-boyfriend wants back…

You know this is a story about a young couple because it involves a small amount of cash, Justin Bieber, and pure pettiness. After a breakup, one young man had the audacity to ask his ex-girlfriend to repay him for a Justin Bieber concert ticket that he bought for her when they were together, and she obliges… In the best way humanly possible!




That’s what he gets for such a ridiculous request. Take the loss like a man, and move on. If you need cash, go out and get a second job. Begging for a repayment just makes you look weak!

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