Andre Johnson was one of the most prolific wide receivers in NFL history, and he just announced that he’s retiring. Currently a member of the Tennessee Titans, Johnson made his name as a member of the Houston Texans, and played in the league for 14 years.

Cortland Finnegan was a 7th round draft pick of the Tennessee Titans in 2006. He was a solid corner back, but was known more for his dirty play and bad boy image than his skills. Andre Johnson and Finnegan once had one of the best in-game fights in NFL history… One that Johnson clearly won.

David P. Woods is a journalist for The Score. While writing an article about the biggest moments of Andre Johnson’s career, the Cortland Finnegan fight obviously came up. He claimed, like everyone who’s seen the fight, believes Andre took the W… After the article came out, he got a mention from Finnegan on his Instagram, so of course he put it on Twitter!

So now we have former NFL players calling journalists “puss” because of a fight you were in on national TV? Classy as always, Cortland!

Check out the fight below!

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