Some people are absolutely horrible drivers. Sometimes that is due to improper training. Some states have testing that isn’t exactly where it should be. Sometimes it’s due to age. As we get older we start to lose out eye sight and reaction time. Most of the time it’s simply because we’re impatient.

Have you ever been late to an appointment, and you press the gas a little harder than normal? You start driving a little more aggressive than you normally would The risk of a speeding ticket is more attractive to us than showing up even a minute past our expected arrival? Sure, we all have, but there’s a difference between that and actually putting lives at risk… Including a school bus.

Nice Parking Job!


In the video below a man in a BMW does exactly that. With complete disregard, he decides to speed past someone through a turn and pass a school bus for good measure. Luckily this happened somewhere with dashboard cameras and a perfectly placed guard rail… Take a look at the video below and watch karma in action!

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