Sunday morning is around for a few different things. Church, football, and day drinking. Some people choose one of those, and others all three. Football has almost become a religion in America, and in every major city we congregate at the stadium hours before kickoff… Who doesn’t love tailgating?

There isn’t one group of NFL fans that take the pregame party as serious as the Buffalo Bills. They show up to New Era Field with exorbitant amounts of alcohol, and turn the parking lot into a Sunday morning soiree. A lot of good times are had at these blue and red bashes… There’s also a lot of embarrassing moments.

In the video below we see a group of people cheering on a man taking a shot, or a luge, or whatever they want to call this. It’s not an actual apparatus they’re using, like a normal party goer would, they use a woman’s body part. You have to see it for yourself, but it is NSFW… BEWARE!

Chug Away Mr. Bill, Chug Away!

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