Celebrities, no matter how big or small their fame may be, have to deal with fan interaction all of the time. It comes with the territory. From movies stars to folks on reality television, it’s all the same, but on different levels. When people adore you for the talent (of lack thereof) it’s only normal for them to want to get a picture, and post it on their social media pages for everyone to see.

When you’re a star in the adult film industry, those fan interactions can be a little more… Shall we say, intense. Think about it, these fans see these “actors” and “actresses” at there most vulnerable and private moments. It’s only a matter of time that somebody with a couple of screws loose feels that they know them more than they actually do, and they make sure to find a way to contact them!

This Is How You Meet Your Favorites!


In the video below, a few adult industry heavyweights break down some of their craziest encounters and interactions with some of there fans. Check it out below…

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