Shaquille O’Neal is a giant human being. At 7’1, 340 lbs he’s big enough to make almost every other basketball player that he played with in the NBA look small in comparison. His size allowed him to be one of the most dominant forces to ever touch the court, and his boisterous personality allowed him to become bigger than life outside of the game.

Shaq is also no stranger to the camera. From television to the movies, talk shows to the stage, the camera loves the “Big Diesel!” With all of those cameras flashing, the camera is bound to catch the big fella in some hilarious moments… Especially when it comes to his size around everyone and everything else. Check out these photos below to see Shaq dwarf things the rest of the world sees as normal…


The Largest Uniform Around… That Cut Tho!



Hope She Isn’t Afraid Of Heights!2


Custom Clubs Even Look Small!



A Dome As Big As A B-Ball!



Bubba Watson is 6’3!



Normal Paperback Or Nah?


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